Market driven, precise and accurate professional advice is becoming increasingly important in a rapidly moving retail environment

As the retail market continues to evolve, the provision of market facing and tactical advice is increasingly important. The intricacies of the Landlord and Tenant framework require careful navigation, whether a landlord seeking to grant leases that maximise future development opportunities for alternative uses, or a tenant seeking the security of a long term lease with inherent flexibility of break options. It is imperative to have on board a professional adviser with the requisite experience who is able to provide robust and reasoned advice that best achieves the required result.

One of the keys to providing good advice in the current fast moving environment is XPROP’s deep understanding and involvement in the market. We are advising landlords and tenants every day and our professional advice is provided hand in hand with our agency, investment and alternatives teams. Clients receive a team based approach that inherently includes professional input where appropriate.

Peter Hemens is both an arbitrator and Independent Expert on the RICS Panel of Dispute Resolution, and regularly provides Expert Witness evidence in rent review and increasingly lease renewal disputes. One of XPROP’s aims is always to approach disputes creatively to find an amicable solution, although we are never afraid to take a stand where necessary.